Jan Huisman

Grand Valley Fortifiers

After finishing Agricultural School, with a focus on Livestock farming and Management in The Netherlands and working a few years on the family farm, Jan started working for a global genetic company, responsible for selection and technical advice on customer farms. Since that time, Jan has worked for a few different companies, including as a Farm manager Swine for Schothorst Feed Research in The Netherlands.

Now working for Grand Valley Fortifiers as a Production Improvement Specialist, Jan is supporting the sales team and customers across Canada. This includes pairing the farm’s data with what he observes on the farm, resulting in well-rounded production advice and troubleshooting backed by the numbers. Jan’s major area of focus is on the management of sows during mating, group housing, and farrowing. From the perspective of farm design, Jan enjoys working with the modern technology available to swine producers, such as electronic feeding systems and ventilation throughout the barn.

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