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Staffa, ON
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Planning Committee 2020

Back: Adam Rae, Stewart Cressman, Lee-Anne Huber, Jaydee Smith, Greg Simpson
Middle: Bev DeVries, Sandra McCann, Linda Weitzel, Doug Richards
Front: Teresa VanRaay, Laura Eastwood, Jean Howden, Andrea DeGroot
Not Pictured: Terri O'Sullivan, Stacey Ash, Ken Ovington, Emily Miller

2023 Planning Committee
Founding Partner Seats:
Stacey Ash-Ontario Pork
Mike Mitchell-Ontario Pork
Jaydee Smith - OMAFRA
Laura Eastwood - OMAFRA
Lee-Anne Huber - University of Guelph
Terri O'Sullivan - University of Guelph
Tanya Terpstra - OPIC
Colleen Roehrig- OPIC
Volunteer Seats:
Stewart Cressman
Jean Howden
Emily Miller
Greg Simpson (Chair)