Tom Stein


Dr. Tom Stein is SeniorStrategic Adviser for Maximus Systems, leading the design anddevelopment of next-generation pig and poultry production managementsoftware using machine learning to automate pattern recognition andanalysis. He is the designer of the PigCHAMP software and co-founderof MetaFarms. National Hog Farmer magazine named him one of the top50 men and women who truly made a difference in the US pork industryover the last 100 years. In 2011, the American Association of SwineVeterinarians presented Dr. Stein with the Howard Dunne Award foroutstanding contributions to swine production and health. In 2019,Dr. Stein received the George Foxcroft award from the Banff PorkConference for rigorous and high-profile research which contributesto improvements in pork production efficiency.

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