Marsha Chambers

Wallenstein Feeds

Marsha Chambers grew up in South West Ontario. She started her career in the swine industry in 2000 with Premium Pork. She started off working in production units &worked up to production trainer, training staff across multiple production units.

In 2004 Marsha moved on to manage a 2800 sow unit for 2 years overseeing all aspects of Managing the farm. She did a short spell in the livestock trading industry until joining Sunwold Farms in 2007 to manage a 2800 sow unit. This position saw Marsha overseeing all aspects of production, staff training, & financial management for the farm. She also looked after all the safety training for Sunwold in Ontario.

In 2012 Marsha joined the South West Vet group. She took on the role of production manager for South West. In 2019 Marsha Joined Wallenstein Feeds as a Swine Sales and Production specialist. Today Marsha’s time is spent visiting clients to help problem solve various production issues the farms have.

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