Korb Whale

Clovermead Farms

Korb along with his wife Kelly and Korb’s parents, Bruce and Deborah, farm in Wellington County in Ontario.  Korb is the 7th generation to farm where his ancestors from England settled in 1845.  They currently milk 160 cows with an external rotary parlour on 475 acres at Clovermead Farms. They produce all their own feed and cash crop any surplus.   In 2014, they were the winners of the DFC Sustainability Award for their efforts over three generations to meet the three pillars of sustainability.  The environment, financial and community all factor strongly in this farm’s success.  

Korb is currently a director with Lactanet, Dairy Farmers of Canada and Cornerstone Renewables.  Korb graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Civil Engineering, and after graduation spent a year working for Environment Canada at the BAPMoN (Background Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring Network) laboratory in Alert at the Northern tip of Elsmere Island.  Korb continued as an engineer for 3 more years travelling to New Zealand for a year working in the dairy industry and through Europe.  He came home to farm in 2000.

Korb and his wife Kelly have three children, Rya (12), Jack (11) and Reagan (8).

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