Darryl Terpstra

Tanda Farms Ltd.

Darryl Terpstra and His wife Tanya are owner-operators of Birch Lawn Farms, working along side two siblings and Darryl’s parents. Darryl has had a passion for farming his whole life. He grew up on the dairy farm and when he was engaged to be married, decided was time to diversify the farm. Darryl and Tanya manage the swine side of the multi-generational, diversified farm, which also has dairy and about 3000 acres of crops.

Birchlawn sow unit, located near Listowel, was first built in 1997 for 600 sows, farrow to wean.  Since then it has grown to 1600 sows, farrow to finish. The last expansion in 2019 went from 1200 to 1600 sows through a building and conversion project that included loose sow housing.

Darryl & Tanya have 7 children with the oldest being 20 and the youngest 7. The family has a love for agriculture.

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