Brenda Christensen

University of Guelph PhD Student

Brenda Christensen completed her undergraduate degree at theUniversity of Guelph in Animal Biology in 2019, gaining an interesthow nutrition can influence gastrointestinal physiology. During herUndergraduate degree she began working as a research assistantworking on swine nutrition projects under Dr. Lee-Anne Huber lookingat precision feeding gestating sows’ energy and lysinerequirements. In September 2019, she began her master’s degree withDr. Huber investigating the use of different creep feed compositionsand form and subsequent nursery diet complexities on growthperformance and gastrointestinal physiology. Starting her PhD inJanuary 2022 she is primarily focusing feed additives that canimprove the post-weaning transition with the removal of infeedantibiotics and pharmacological Zinc Oxide in nursery diets. Some ofthis work has been focused on nursery supplementation, but morerecently the focus has been placed on improving the maternal transferof immunoglobulins from the sow to offspring.

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